Tips on Buying Lightweight Wheels

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Fuel rims can change a vehicle’s look, while adding value and style. However, picking the wrong set of wheels can make your car look bad while driving up maintenance costs. It’s important to choose a wheel design that accentuates your vehicle without being overly gaudy. People put aftermarket wheels on their vehicles for many reasons, and this article discusses some of them while helping you decide which type of wheels is best for your vehicle.


Wheel Types

When choosing a new set of wheels there are two main types: alloy and steel. Most factory wheels are made of steel covered with a hubcap. Knowing the differences between the two wheel types can help you make an informed decision. Below are some of the pros and cons of each type.

  • Steel wheels cost less than alloys and their style can easily be changed with hubcaps. However, they aren’t manufactured with the same degree of precision as alloys, and there aren’t many colours to choose from.
  • Alloy wheels can enhance your vehicle’s appearance and they are precision-made. They’re lighter than steelies, and they offer increased brake clearance. However, these lightweight wheels more costly than steel, and they require more maintenance.

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, alloy rims may be the only choice. Be sure to check your owner’s manual, call a local seller, or call the automaker to determine your wheel options.



Alloy wheels come in multiple finishes, such as polished aluminum, chrome, white, black, grey, silver and anthracite. You’ll have a nearly endless list of style and color combinations, and you should be able to find one that matches your vehicle.


Considerations for Buying Custom Wheels

Buyers should consider several things when buying custom wheels. By asking the right questions before buying, you’ll avoid future issues and buyer’s remorse.

  • Quality is important, because wheels can be costly. They can crack in salt, sand and extreme temperatures, so choose wheels with a durable finish and a high quality rating.
  • Wheel price can vary widely depending on style, brand, construction and manufacturer. Modern technology has made many tough, light wheels, but these come at a high price. Beware of high-maintenance or easily damage wheels.


If you choose branded wheels, you may have to buy a wheel and tyre package. The cost of new tyres in addition to your new wheels may be cost-prohibitive.

Buying custom wheels does not have to be costly, but you should think about a few things first to ensure you make the right buy. When you evaluate the above factors before making a purchase, you can end up with lighter, stronger wheels that can enhance the looks and performance of your vehicle.