Your Plus-Sizing Guide

Where performance tyres are concerned, sometimes, bigger is better. You should choose tyres that are right for your car, right for your driving habits, and in compliance with local law. However, if your vehicle is more than just a mode of transport, you may want wider tyres, which can accommodate larger Speedy wheels that can help you further your performance goals. In this article, you’ll learn more about the concept of plus sizing.

Bigger is Better in the Automotive Performance World

When you plus-size your tyres, you install a set that has a larger diameter than your factory tyres. However, you’ll keep the same rolling radius by reducing the tyre’s profile (the height of the sidewall). Previously, plus-sizing was something only the most hardcore auto enthusiasts knew about, but it suits a variety of drivers. A local tyre and KMC wheels seller can meet your plus-sizing needs safely, quickly and professionally.

An Explanation of Plus-Sizing

Some people refer to plus-sizing as a “step up”. If a car comes with a standard wheel fitment of 15″, going plus-one would be a 16″ tyre, and plus-two would be 17″. While it seems simple to increase wheel diameter, as you increase size, you must consider aspect ratio as well. The aspect ratio of a tyre is the relationship between the tyre sidewall’s height and width, expressed as a percentage. The lower the tyre’s aspect ratio, the greater its section width. Wider tyres give you increased braking and handling performance, but there’s always the risk of the tyre rubbing against the wheel well or suspension components.

Get Professional Plus-Sizing Advice

If the math behind tyre plus-sizing is confusing, don’t worry. A local tyre and wheel seller can help you figure it all out. All you need is to consider the overall diameter of the wheels you wish to plus-size, and consider the goals you have. When determining how much to increase tyre size, and when considering expected performance, you should first think about what you hope to gain by plus-sizing.

Appearance Benefits of Plus-Sizing

Have you ever admired the extreme or sporty look of a neighbour’s vehicle? Look at its tyres; it’s likely that they are plus-sized. While appearance shouldn’t be your only consideration, plus-sizing your tyres can give your car or 4WD a better appearance. By consulting a local tyre and KMC Rockstar rims seller, you’ll get the products and information you need to meet your appearance and performance goals.