Tips on Buying Lightweight Wheels

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Fuel rims can change a vehicle’s look, while adding value and style. However, picking the wrong set of wheels can make your car look bad while driving up maintenance costs. It’s important to choose a wheel design that accentuates your vehicle without being overly gaudy. People put aftermarket wheels on their vehicles for many reasons, and this article discusses some of them while helping you decide which type of wheels is best for your vehicle.


Wheel Types

When choosing a new set of wheels there are two main types: alloy and steel. Most factory wheels are made of steel covered with a hubcap. Knowing the differences between the two wheel types can help you make an informed decision. Below are some of the pros and cons of each type.

  • Steel wheels cost less than alloys and their style can easily be changed with hubcaps. However, they aren’t manufactured with the same degree of precision as alloys, and there aren’t many colours to choose from.
  • Alloy wheels can enhance your vehicle’s appearance and they are precision-made. They’re lighter than steelies, and they offer increased brake clearance. However, these lightweight wheels more costly than steel, and they require more maintenance.

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, alloy rims may be the only choice. Be sure to check your owner’s manual, call a local seller, or call the automaker to determine your wheel options.



Alloy wheels come in multiple finishes, such as polished aluminum, chrome, white, black, grey, silver and anthracite. You’ll have a nearly endless list of style and color combinations, and you should be able to find one that matches your vehicle.


Considerations for Buying Custom Wheels

Buyers should consider several things when buying custom wheels. By asking the right questions before buying, you’ll avoid future issues and buyer’s remorse.

  • Quality is important, because wheels can be costly. They can crack in salt, sand and extreme temperatures, so choose wheels with a durable finish and a high quality rating.
  • Wheel price can vary widely depending on style, brand, construction and manufacturer. Modern technology has made many tough, light wheels, but these come at a high price. Beware of high-maintenance or easily damage wheels.


If you choose branded wheels, you may have to buy a wheel and tyre package. The cost of new tyres in addition to your new wheels may be cost-prohibitive.

Buying custom wheels does not have to be costly, but you should think about a few things first to ensure you make the right buy. When you evaluate the above factors before making a purchase, you can end up with lighter, stronger wheels that can enhance the looks and performance of your vehicle.

The 5 most popular cars in Australia

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Are you in the market looking for your next car? Here is a list of the top 5 best-selling vehicles in the country to help you find the right vehicle.

Australia is renowned for its diverse landscapes and people, and our choice in cars is just as varied. You would have seen the streets filled with Mitsubishis and Fords even ten years ago, but things have changed quite a bit over the past few years. Nowadays, people are opting for the more economical family sedans, compact SUVs and utility vehicles.

If you are in the market, looking for a new ride and want an opinion regarding the best-selling vehicles around you, here is a list of the top 5 popular cars in Australia at the moment.

Toyota Corolla:

The Toyota Corolla is a compact family sedan popular around the world for practicality, comfort and performance. Even though the first models were based on a rear-wheel-drive platform, the new models are available on a front-wheel drivetrain. The primary competitors of the Corolla in the global market are the Honda Civic and the Nissan Sunny.


The Mazda 3 is a popular subcompact in the Australian market, which is known for being agile and sporty. Four engine options are currently offered on the vehicle, ranging from 2.0 litre petrol to a 2.3 litre diesel; both displacing about 134 lb-ft to 145 ft-lb of torque. This versatile subcompact is a favorite among the youngsters as well as the daily commuters.

Toyota HiLux:

The Toyota HiLux or the 4Runner (as the Trekker is popularly known here) is the next best-selling vehicle here in Australia, and is popular for its size, towing capability and comfort. Even though it can be difficult for a pickup to be as fuel efficient as a family subcompact, the HiLux does a decent enough job. The Australian version of the vehicle is powered by a 4.0 litre, DOHC, TRD Edition, supercharged engine block, displacing 306 PS. Talk about power!

Holden Cruze:

The first-generation Holden Cruze was a hatchback, designed exclusively by the team of creative designers at Holden, Australia. Hence, you could say that the vehicle has strong roots in the country. The current model of the Cruze replaced the Holden Viva and introduced a whole bunch of safety features and electronics to the market. The current generation model draws power from a range of petrol and diesel engine options, ranging from 1.6 litre to a 2.0- litre block.

Hyundai i30:

The Hyundai i30 is one of the most spacious vehicles in its class and is designed and tested in Germany. As a result, refinement and engineering are nothing short of world-class. The vehicle replaced the Elantra Touring, which hasn’t been missed since! If fuel economy is your thing, the Hyundai i30 is the perfect vehicle for you. The hatchback is a great daily driver, which can occasionally be taken on short road trips.

Your Plus-Sizing Guide

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Where performance tyres are concerned, sometimes, bigger is better. You should choose tyres that are right for your car, right for your driving habits, and in compliance with local law. However, if your vehicle is more than just a mode of transport, you may want wider tyres, which can accommodate larger Speedy wheels that can help you further your performance goals. In this article, you’ll learn more about the concept of plus sizing.


Bigger is Better in the Automotive Performance World

When you plus-size your tyres, you install a set that has a larger diameter than your factory tyres. However, you’ll keep the same rolling radius by reducing the tyre’s profile (the height of the sidewall). Previously, plus-sizing was something only the most hardcore auto enthusiasts knew about, but it suits a variety of drivers. A local tyre and KMC wheels seller can meet your plus-sizing needs safely, quickly and professionally.


An Explanation of Plus-Sizing

Some people refer to plus-sizing as a “step up”. If a car comes with a standard wheel fitment of 15″, going plus-one would be a 16″ tyre, and plus-two would be 17″. While it seems simple to increase wheel diameter, as you increase size, you must consider aspect ratio as well. The aspect ratio of a tyre is the relationship between the tyre sidewall’s height and width, expressed as a percentage. The lower the tyre’s aspect ratio, the greater its section width. Wider tyres give you increased braking and handling performance, but there’s always the risk of the tyre rubbing against the wheel well or suspension components.


Get Professional Plus-Sizing Advice

If the math behind tyre plus-sizing is confusing, don’t worry. A local tyre and wheel seller can help you figure it all out. All you need is to consider the overall diameter of the wheels you wish to plus-size, and consider the goals you have. When determining how much to increase tyre size, and when considering expected performance, you should first think about what you hope to gain by plus-sizing.

Appearance Benefits of Plus-Sizing

Have you ever admired the extreme or sporty look of a neighbour’s vehicle? Look at its tyres; it’s likely that they are plus-sized. While appearance shouldn’t be your only consideration, plus-sizing your tyres can give your car or 4WD a better appearance. By consulting a local tyre and KMC Rockstar rims seller, you’ll get the products and information you need to meet your appearance and performance goals.

Adding Functionality and Beauty to Your Ride with the Help of 4×4 Wheels

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If you are looking to dramatically enhance the visualaesthetics of your ride, you need to grab a new set of alloy wheels as soon as possible. Nothingdoes the job better than a shining set of wheels, even though you need to stick to a few parameters before you go spending from your wad!


Why Opt for Custom Alloy Wheels?

Custom wheels are a great way to add that extra oomph to your ride, even though they might set you back by a few extra grand. Custom wheels apart from enhancing the exterior dynamics of your vehicle, can also improve mobility, depending on the wheel’s dimensions and usability.


For example, if you plan on installing a larger set of wheels on your ride, installing 4X4 wheels would get you better results in terms of performance and fuel economy than regular wheels. Furthermore, alloy wheels offer better all-round performance than the conventional steel rims that most auto manufacturers offer.

Parameters to Adhere to:

You just cannot walk into a store and pick anything off the shelf, when it comes to getting yourself a new set of wheels. You need to work on your needs first. There are certain parameters that the new wheels need to adhere to, in order to qualify as suitable. These are:


  • The quality of the alloy – Lighter the wheel, higher its price
  • Dimensions – Bigger wheels are more expensive
  • Brand – Popular brands usually provide better quality products since they have a reputation to maintain. Hence, opting for branded wheels yields better results. However, you could always compare products from popular brands against local products, in order to test its quality yourself.
  • Region – All companies do not ship to all parts of the world. Hence, availability is of primary importance. Check whether the seller ships the product to your locality before you go ahead and place the order.
  • Shipping Charge–Shipping cost is usually covered in the total cost of the wheel. Do not opt for sellers that ask for additional shipping charges.
  • Customizability – Some manufacturers offer customization options prior to placing the order. Even though this is not a necessity, you could always opt for custom wheels since they lend individuality to your ride.

Getting Your Money’s Worth:

XD wheels and Simmons wheels are two examples of such brands, which are known for manufacturing high quality alloy wheels. If you think that your car needs a fresh pair of tyres and you want to save a bit more on the deal, try opting for package deals.


Never forget to compare two or more brands before investing, since prices tend to fluctuate frequently depending on the changes to the global currency valuation.

Most manufacturers offer heavy discounts if you order wheels and tyre packages. You could bring down the prices a bit more in exchange for your old set of wheels and tyres, if they are worth any money! It is worth a shot though!